These cool feather earrings are hand made from the rubber of bike tyres.

They are really light (as a feather!) and look cool.

The findings are hypoallergenic but not pure metal.

As each one is handmade they are all different but there are 4 different designs - medium plain feather, large plain feather, medium feather with strands and large feather with strands.  The large feather with strands measure approx 13cms long, while the medium stranded feather earrings are approx 11cm.  The plain feathers without strnads are approx 10cms long.  But each one is slightly different as they are hand cut and made.

Designed and made in New Zealand by Bureau 55.

B55feathersinarow B55fatfeatherwb B55featherdetails B55befeatherandstrands B55befeatherplainmed B55featherbewithfrill B55featherneck B55featherwstrandsonmap B55largerfeatherjuly B552featherstrandsjuly

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