This mask is highly functional. It has multiple protective functions that protect against bacteria, germs, dust, fumes, pollens and fine particles (PM 2.5)

The one way valve removes all stale air from within the mask and stops any unfiltered air from entering.  It also helps reduce moisture and bacteria growth. The natural cotton closest to the skin has an antibacterial coating for added protection.

It is comfortable and adjustable.  The ear straps can be changed to suit your shape head, there is wire above the nose within the mask that can be adjusted to get a good fit and the mask comes with nose pads for added comfort and to stop glasses fogging up.

It's eco-friendly as you can (hand) wash and reuse this mask.

And it looks good!  Designed in New Zealand these fabulous face masks features the native trees of New Zealand, the mighty Pohutukawa in Flower, the Classic Silver Fern, A Starry Night, Camo and Cheetah, a subtle animal print on black

Dqfacemaskmodel2-2 Dqfacemaskpohtree Dqfacemaskmodel Dqfacemaskevergreen Dqfacemaskfern Dqcamomask Dqmaskstechinfo

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