Anoint eye pillows are a lovely way to relax and unwind after a hectic day. They are designed to help to still your mind and soothe your eyes. You have to lie down to use them effectively (you cannot walk round)

They are handcrafted in gorgeous floral fabric designs (Secret Garden and Forget Me Not - on black) and filled with a mixture of Botanicals, Essential Oils and Brown Rice, and smell absolutely heavenly!

They are filled with Rose, Calendula & Cornflower Petals, Rose Hip, Lavender Rubbings, Lemon Balm and Jasmine Green Tea. Essential Oils of Rose Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot add calming and relaxing aromatherapy properties.
Brown rice adds weight to the eye pillow and means you can gently fit it to the contours of your face, so the pillow completely blocks out any light. Blocking out visual stimulus sends a message to your brain that it is time for your mind to be still. The sensation of light pressure resting on your eyelids is quite simply the most incredible feeling. It is believed to trigger the Vagus Nerve, creating a reflex that lowers your heart rate and regulates your mood, and releases a neurological signal that gives your body and mind permission to relax.

Using for ten minutes at bedtime can support falling into a deep sleep.  Aromatherapy Eye Pillows can also be used for yoga and meditation to help to regenerate energy. They make a wonderful gift.

Anoint is a boutique skincare company based in Kerikeri, in the beautiful Bay of Islands in the far north of New Zealand. They are passionate about Essential Oils and their therapeutic properties, and they hand make their lovely range in small batches. They do not use plastic in any of their products There are no chemicals, preservatives, parabens or fragrances in their products, and the all natural ingredients make the products suitable for those with sensitive skin. And their products are cruelty free – they are against any form of animal testing.

These Eye Pillows come singly or in a gift set paired with the Shea Butter soap.

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