These cute little creatures come in a box with everything you need to make them. The glue, the eyes and the biodegradable cardboard with easy instructions on how to assemble. There's a step by step video on the website if you need help.(The guidelines say 45mins or more for an 8 year old but we did it faster.)

The result is a great little Kiwi, Tui, Fantail or Tuatara model.  And new to the range - a Humpback Whale.They are 3D, robust and pretty cool.

They are made of New Zealand food-grade, recyclable cardboard, recycled paper, painted with environmentally friendly rice ink and put together with PVA glue which contains no harmful ingredients.

The kiwi model, when made up, measures 63x39x45mm, the tui 82x39x45mm, the fantail 76x55x60mm, the tuatara is 102x48x53mm and the humpback whale is 77x115x55mm.  Each model kit comes in a little box with full instructions and makes a perfect little gift.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

Dodokiwiinbush Dodotuiintree Dodofantailonfence Dodotuataraontree Dodowhaleonbranch Dlbabygroup Ddtuiside Ddtui Ddfantail Ddfantailsideone Ddkiwi Ddtuatara Ddtuatarabum Ddkiwiboxed Ddkiwibum Ddhumpbackwhale Ddhumpbackwhalebum Dodofantailbeingmade

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