This iconic print of Dick Frizzell's depicts Mickey Mouse morphing into a Tiki (which is a powerful symbol of a fetus or human being in Maori culture).  Dick Frizzell is one of New Zealand's most popular artists because he depicts popular kiwi culture strong graphic way and often with humour.  As well as being a fine painter his superb technical grasp of the printmaking process has seen him produce some of NZ's most sought after series of prints.  This image is probably his most popular.

This print is a fine reproduction by 100% NZ with a thick cardboard matt surround.  The total matted size is 35 x 28 (the print itself is 23 x 15cm). We also sell them framed in a classic white matt and black wooden frame

Mickey to Tiki has a cream background and the black print is called Tiki to Mickey Tu Meke and shows the reverse transformation.

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