This deep-cleansing, restorative balm contains intensely hydrating oils teamed with a powerhouse of essential oils and moisture-rich ingredients that gently dissolve pollutants, dead skin and make-up while supporting, repairing, nurturing and restoring your skin.

Restorative Cleansing Balm is formulated with New Zealand native kawakawa, kiwifruit and sweet almond oil, together with a refined and exacting balance of 10 oils, including Rosehip, macadamia and apricot seed.

The balm is completely free from petro chemicals, parabens, ethyl alcohols, sulphates, preservatives, silicones and perfumes.

Use with the silk exfoliating cloth for an wonderful skin care routine - simple, effective and gentle.

"This cleansing balm is amazing.  It leaves your skin clean and soft and nourished.  It is made of natural ingredients and smells great", says Anna from the Garden Party

The restorative balm is healthy and nourishing for all skin types - young old, female or male.  Because it is made up of oils that melt away make-up and effectively purges the skin of toxins, pollution, debris and dirt is is good for all skin types.

You can use it without the exfoliating silk cloth and simply wipe off with a wet flannel.


Made in Napier, New Zealand sustainably, using recyclable packaging and is not tested on animals.

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