This pack of playing cards is no ordinary set.  It contains 52 fully illustrated playing cards that are waterproof and will help with your survial, should you need it .  The playing cards have a survival tip or fact on the reverse. Handy tips like "white smoke in a green environment will be easier to see.  Add some green vegetation to your fire", "coconuts light brown in colour are safe to drink and eat but do not have more than 4 a day" & "the best times to fish are just before the sun rises and just after it sets".

These cool cards are packaged in a durable metal tin - ideal for any type of camping and travel and make an excellent gift.  The card tin size is 85 x 105 x 21mm.

Hksurvivalcardsbyfire Hksurvivalcardsonlog Hksurvivalcardscc Hksurvivalcardswithtim Hksurvivcardsonwood