This smart UV+ model is the latest to join the fabulous Blunt Umbrella family.  It is specifically designed for people who want to block out heat and sun and its harmful rays as well as rain.

The BLUNT UV+ is the ultimate lightweight all-weather umbrella, whether if you're in rain, hail or sun. With its special opaque canopy fabric it blocks 99.99% of the sunlight and more than 99% of the ultra-violet light. And its e-Dry™ water repellent quick-dry coating means with a quick flick and a shake, the umbrella is instantly dry again.

It is a compact umbrella measuring 1050 mm across with a curved handle and grey piping round the edge.  It has the same technology that the other Blunt umbrellas use to make it strong and robust in winds.  This model can handle up to a force 10 wind. (stronger wind than is pleasant to be out and about in)

The UV+ comes in pink, blue and black and like all other Blunts comes with a 2 year global warrranty.

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