Blunt have joined forces with Fashion Designer George Clarke to produce this stunning limited edition umbrella.

George Clarke won of the Blunt Design Award, held recently as part of the iD Dunedin Fashion Week.

The resulting umbrella is like none other seen in Blunt history of limited edition collabs.  The colours and textures are quite unique and look great.  The design is inspired by George’s ‘Freedom of Expression’ collection where he explores the different identities influenced by street culture. Using multiple printing techniques, George created a distinctive camo print allowing the colours and textures to blend and fabricate into a unique print.

The George Clarke limited edition is available in the lightweight, compact Metro model with a matching sleeve. Very limited numbers are available now in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

This metro umbrella measures 95cm when open, 36.5 in length when closed and weighs 350gms. 

It, like all Blunt umbrellas, has had a 38-point quality control check and is designed to withstand extreme weather.  All Blunts come with 2 year global warranty.

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