Designed for busy people and busy places, the BLUNT Metro is compact and strong. Gives good coverage while not taking up too much space on the pavement, the Metro's auto-open canopy easily collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve. So you can whip your BLUNT out of your handbag or briefcase whenever the weather acts up.

Still the same beautiful, distinctive design, however this blunt is smaller, lighter and folds up.

A handy size that fits into your bag when not in use.

Comes with a small easy-to-fold-into sleeve.

Measures 40cms long when folded up and 80cms when opened up.

Note: The Metro may not have the same strength as the non-foldable Blunts as the wind resistance is compromised by the folding mechamisim but it is still one of the strongest (if not the strongest) folding umbrellas you can buy. This is our best sellering Blunt model.

***New design - The fouronehundred collab is the amazing, mandala black and white design.  The canopy, sleeve and tube all have this stunning design on them.  This is a limited edition.

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