This lovely ceramic bird feeder is embellished with a floral design and hangs from a jute loop. It heavy and measures 14 x 18cms high. 

It is made in Bangladesh from locally sourced natural ingredients such as catechu, mangosteen extracts and charcoal.  The clay is glazed with the juice of the mangosteen fruit extract and later soaked in this juice and baked in a wood-fired kiln. When the feeders are placed in the kiln, the potter creates smoke and seals the firing chamber to blacken the clay.  The mainly rurally-based female makers of this bird feeder are paid fairly and contribute to the protection of the fragile eco-system of Bangladesh through the creation of low carbon products made from natural raw materials.

Simply place this bird feeder high in a tree where cats and vermin cannot reach.  Fill with fat, seeds, nuts and fruit. Clean the bird feeder out reguarly to avoid the spread of disease.

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