These wonderful Tree Earring birdfeeders are handcrafted artwork made in New Zealand  They look amazing in the garden, swaying from a tree. The shapes and colours are inspired by nature and are perfect artwork for any outdoor space, from urban courtyards and terraces to large country gardens. They can be hung on tree branches, fences and balconies. They are a sculpture for your garden as well as a fabulous feeder for the birds.

New Zealand birds love feeding from the tree earrings; the movement of the feeders and being able to cling on anywhere is just what they’re used to in the natural world.

Birds can always do with a helping hand to find food especially in winter.  Lard balls, chopped fruit, seeds, bread or nectar are all food that birds will enjoy eating from these feeders. But remember to clean out regualry to stop possible disease spreading.

Tree earring bird feeders are the work of Kiwi, Nicole Cosgrove whose background is in design for theatre and film and as a scenic artist. She crafts them from galvanised metal and wire then gives them a baked on powder coat for colour, durability and rust resistance (just like exterior aluminium joinery.)  They have a weighted drop to keep them grounded. Each one is hand made so no two are exactly the same.

They are available in three shapes the Cuff - 15cms wide, the Pendant 30cms long and the circular Nectar Feeder which is 18cm in diameter.  And three colours - bright red, sunshine yellow and soft green.

All these sculptural bird feeders look wonderful in the garden. The birds love them.  And they make a really lovely gift for someone that likes gardens and the birds that live in them.

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