These are the best pegs we at The Garden Party have ever used.

They are UV resistant so they will not break down in the sun and break.  They also have a rust free galvanised spring and best of all the silicon pad which holds the clothes is nice and wide and soft so it reduces the need for ironing (although not completely unfortunately)

They come in two styles - soft grip which has a wide soft mouth and the flower grip which is strong for hanging in high winds.  They are good for hanging duvets and jeans, heavy items that sometimes fly off the line.

These pegs come in a bag of 20 and measure approx 16 x 16 x 100mm.

The peg basket is UV coated, made of long lasting plastic and hangs conveniently on the line to hold the pegs.

Herisson homeware peg image
Herisson homeware peg image Lfmixedflower Lfmixedsoft Lfturqflower