Help the bees pollinate more plants!
This wooden house provides somewhere for solitary bees somewhere to rest and build a home.
Ideal for species of New Zealand native lone bees. (not all bees live in communities and are part of a hive)

Place in a visible warm sheltered place, ideally to catch the morning sun.  It is helpful to have soil nearby and food sources such as flowers and fruit trees.

Bees are an essential part of the natural world and humans need them to survive.  They pollinate the plants and flowers that produce most of the fruit, vegetables and grains we eat.  Bees populations have been plummeting round the world because of pesticides, disease and dwindling food supplies. “Food crops need pollination, pollination needs bees, and bees need us!" 

Made of wood this bee house stands 20cm tall and has a hole in the back so you can hang or stand it in the garden.

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