Primal Rituals Beard Oils are all natural products, made in Auckland, New Zealand by committed beard wearers.  The oils are 'au-naturel' and organic and have been chosen for their properties that will restore the strength, softness and brightness to your hair, as well as, soothe the skin below.  They have high contents of vitamins A, D, and E, along with many minerals and proteins that are renowned for their excellent moisturizing qualities and are easily absorbed into the skin. 

The properties of the uniquely blended oils benefit all stages of bearding, by moisturizing the skin beneath the whiskers this aids in the prevention of the dreaded beard-itch and embarrassing beard-druff. They are also used to hydrate the hair itself to keep it soft and well conditioned which also helps when grooming and styling.

The oils come in three flavours - Buckwilde which has a spicy warm scent of Clove with a Peppermint burst, Citrus Swag which has the earthy aroma of tea tree and fresh lime and El Capitan which is warmly scented with Cinnamon bark, fresh Bay leaves and the citrus notes of Mandarin

Using Primal Rituals Beard Oil promotes soft, well groomed facial hair that smells great.

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