This beautiful range is handmade in New Zealand by Sonia Therese.

She says "This closed circle pendant represents the notion that love has no beginning and no end. It is intended to represent the kind of everlasting love that extends beyond this lifetime – it may be a parent’s love for a child, a child’s love for a parent, a soul mate love that has lasted the tests of time."

The triple necklace features 3 handmade circles, one of each in fine silver, recycled copper and brass and have the words Aroha/Love, Whanau/Family and Kia Kaha/Strength stamped into them. The rings are approx 5cm across and the chain is 22cms long.

This delicate single pendant is handmade from 100% recycled sterling silver, hammered and stamped with the word AROHA on one side and LOVE on the other.  It is polished to a high shine and includes a 45cm solid sterling silver chain.  The pendant itself measures approximately 5cm across.

The stunning sterling silver earrings also have AROHA on one side and LOVE on the other.

They are roughly 5cms long but as each piece is handmade this may vary slightly.

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