Amberjack candles are small batch poured 100% soy wax with high-quality phthalate-free candle fragrances, made in New Zealand. The wicks are all natural paper braided, and are zinc and lead free. The distinctive dark glass jars and the amazing scent of these candles make them a very special gift.

The amazing fragrances are - 

Black Rose and Oud - A sensual blend of black rose and Oud create this indulgent and relaxing fragrance. Notes of cinnamon and nutmeg round out this fragrance making it perfect for a evening by a roaring fire.

Whiskey in a Jar - A fine blend of whiskey, maple and butterscotch vanilla creates an adventurous, rich flavour.  A perfect choice for the evenings.

Orange and Honey - sweet citrus blends with sugarcane, creamy marshmallow, vanilla bean and honey come together to create this relaxing fragrance.

Tobacco Flower and Oak - Tobacco flower and oak delivers sweet fruity notes with hints of cedarwood and smoked oak, creating this unusual and intoxicating scent.


The 180 gm candles poured into an apothecary-style amber glass jar with a gold brass lid and a kraft paper label will burn for 35-40 hours while the large 400 gm jars will burn for up to 80 hours providing you do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time and keep the wick trimmed.

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