This is an amazing book.  

At first it looks like a stark and simple black and white alphabet book but have a look closer.

Along with each letter there is a detailed and beautiful illustration filled with objects beginning with the letter that is central to that illustration.  The challenge is to find all the hidden objects in the image.  It's harder than you think.

You can either find all the objects from the list or cover the list and try to find all the objects without looking at the list.  With all 1138 objects to be found within the 26 letters of the alphabet this book is more than just a simple alphabet book.

Adults and children will love it - it's beautifully done, a fun way of learning the alpahbet and finding all hidden clues is challenging as well as educational (we learnt some new words too - and we're well passed school age!)

This hardback book has been designed and illustrated by a talented young Auckland artist, Jenna Brockett.  This book has taken her two years to complete and each letter image took around 20 hours to plan, design, sketch and draw.

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