This is the next generation fidget gadget.  The Fidget Cube has evolved into the Fidget Pad.  This 'pad' has even more buttons, clicks, rolling gears, spinners, pivot switches and a gliding joystick than previous fidget models.  It has ten things to fidget with. And fits more comfortably into your hand.  You can hold with the Fidget Pad with both hands and fidget with both thumbs at the same time!

This is a perfect gadget for fiddlers.  They can fiddle to their hearts content - at work, at school, on the bus and at home.

Some claim that this is good to relieve stress and anxiety.  We think its great that we dont have to listen to pen clickers any more!

Dimensions: 6 x 10 x 4 cms

Vdfidpadblue Vdfidpadbluepack Vdfidpadhand Vdfidpadred