These fabulous seed raising crate kits have every thing you need to go up to 6 types of plants - egg crate, seeds, soil  and labels and easy to follow instructions.

They are a fun and educational product designed for all ages.

There are three types of crates -

Pizza Seeds  which contains Cheery Tomato, Oregano, Basil, Rocket, Capsicum and Zucchini

Bee Seeds which contains Calendula, Baby Blue Eyes, Love in the Mist, Cosmos, Sunflowers and Blue Tangos

Salad Seeds  which contains rocket, parsley, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce basil

Once the seedlings have grown big enough then transfer to your garden and you'll have a whole vegetable and herb patch!

(Because of the soil contained in this product we will not ship it overseas as it may not pass your country's cutoms requirements. Sorry!)

Gist with chickens 05
Gist with chickens 05 Gist with chickens 04 Scsalad.jpg