The New Zealand Botanist range is a fresh new collection, inspired by two much loved New Zealand native plants - The Pohutukawa and the Manuka.  Manuka has healing properties while the Pohutukawa is synonymous with a kiwi summer. In this range the Manuka is combined with the essential oil blend of Manuka, Sweet Chamomile & Lavender, while the Pohutukawa is an essential oil blend of Pohutukawa, Rose Geranium & Juniper.

The hand lotions come in a 75gms size and are boxed.

The Pohutukawa Diffusion Gift Set is made with extracts of Pohutukawa Honey Nectar, combined with the essential oil blend of Rose Geranium & Juniper. Its soothing properties can balance your emotions. The Manuka diffuser's relaxing and calming properties can create a bright and positive mood.  The diffusers are small and sweet (40mls) with a clear glass bottle and smart black reeds.

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