These cool looking planters are made from upcycled glass bottles.Plants look great and grow really well in them.

They are a self-watering hydroponic plant pot made out of two halves of a glass bottle and uses a wick made from recycled plastic bottles to draw water up into the soil.

This wicking system allows the plant to draw up the water it needs and keeps the plant perfectly healthy, without any chemical additives or sprays. This system is made from melted plastic bottles - which are 100% recycled. Approximately one plastic bottle is kept out of the landfil for every Grobot sold.  

The Grobots come in clear, black and a stone finish and have a viewing window so you can still check the water level.

Save 70% more water and grow plants up to 50% faster in these well designed, effective eco-friendly planters.  They are perfect for growing herbs on the kitchen window sill.  

The Grobots are designed and made by a family of 'eco-entrepreneurs' from Warworth who are passionate about up-cycling 

Because plants live so well in the GroBot™ they will need nutrients/food after about 6 weeks.  

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