Feeling sluggish, down or just apathetic?  This positive button is for you!  Press it and your mood will instantly lift.  The soothing voice, the positive messages - you'll be radiating joy in no time.

Includes 10 different pre-recorded sayings, all the affirmations you need to get you through your day. Self-empowerment is key, just remember, today is going to be a really, really good day!

Affirmations include
"Today, I will take a chance!"
"I am calm and zen-like!"
"Joy is my natural state!"
"I am overflowing with happiness!"
"I feel radiant and full of energy!"
"Today is going to be a really, really good day!"
"I am wise beyond my years!"
"I am inspired!"
"I am invincible, I am a Superstar!"
" I am beautiful!"

Makes a great secret santa gift.

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